Using HDR before making b and w

Using HDR before making b and w

And using Nik software for all tasks.

Moves before converting to b and w. Using Nik plugins to make the HDR, which is one image taken in Fujifilm camera, then converted automatically in camera to three different exposures. Those are then uploaded into PS, then using Nik HDR making an HDR image, then back into PS, then open Silver Effects Pro  to make b and w, then reduce the noise with dfine program, and Viola.

Simple, right?

The goal is to give greater detail in the shadows, and preserve highlights, without image looking weird. During test, shot some images as jpgs, a mistake, which created some glowing, but can be prevented in the future by making sure all images are shot in RAW_DSF0001_HDR Nik b and w 1 _DSF0040_HDR 2 Nik _DSF0058_HDR 3

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