Simply an outstanding camera

The Fujifilm XPro 1

You can get some amazing images, with wonderful texture, with just a few moves. I now can user four lenses with this camera, including a Canon and a Minolta, using converters to make them work. Total investment, under $100 for two different converters. I already own the manual focus lenses, once the top of their class back when film was the rage.

And I now have a new workflow that calls for shooting both a Raw image and the finest jpg I can get, opening them both in PS, converting them both to LAB color space, and copying and pasting the L channel from the jpg onto the L channel of the RAF file. Why? Because the in camera jpg conversion software is as good as it gets. If you want to work in 16 bit, you can, and while you loose only the L channel to 8-bit, the color channels, specifically A and B in LAB color space are  untouched. Then convert back to RGB and you are good to go. And why all these steps? Because you get considerable detail in the L channel of the jpg that is not present in the RAF file.  Dan Margulis teaches that if you want to sharpen an image, it is best to do it in LAB and only on the L channel. This is a variation of his teaching.

None of these images were sharpened.

These images are all processed in either Silver Effects Pro, the black and white conversion software, of Viveza, the same company’s color adjustment software. Can go from out of the camera to a finished product in about three minutes each.

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