San Diego’s Belmont Park Barrels of fun

Belmont Park — Barrels of fun near the ocean

Belmont Park in San Diego allowed Meg and me to watch and took photos as the young and young at heart enjoyed the rides, flying hide and upside down, screaming with glee, at the Belmont Park amusement center opened first in 1925. It closed for a few years, beginning in 1976, and then reopened in 1990. The park contains all the typical attractions. All images captured with Fujifilm X Pro\1, with the 35mm lens, which after the math, functions as a typical 53mm lens (camera does not have a full-frame sensor.) But it takes sharp, wonderfully rendered photos, and in this quick action setting, captures and stops breathless emotions.

Wonderful characteristic

This camera looks and functions like a Leica M6. It is not a single lens reflex, meaning you can see what the camera and lens capture through a separate viewfinder. If someone blicks, you can see it, allowing you to shoot again to get the expression you want.

And it’s fast

Except for the card reading functions, which seems to go on and on and on…