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  1. Just finished reading your “Little Book about Big Change” in its entirety—it’s so good! So many great guidelines and stories that clearly and succinctly convey what can otherwise take decades to figure out. Wish I could send a copy to everyone in the doldrums. Thanks so much for thinking it through and writing it all down, Jim.

  2. Jim You took picture of three girls at kelso train depot when the U.P. steam engine came in… my name is carman and i lost all my pictures my computer took a dump..thought Maybe if you still had the pic u could email me a copy of it !Tanks so much!

  3. Jim I love your new photos! I love all your images! One day i will steal your 5d mark 2 and your photography soul! haha no im kidding but your eye is great!!

    “Just Keep Shooting! (pictures)” =]

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