Private lessons

Conquer challenges of digital photography

Take a private lesson designed to help you learn composition, basic Photoshop techniques, and an introduction to printing your own image. Use your own camera as part of the training. 

Students seem to enjoy learning how to compose and frame an interesting image more than anything else, but everyone who participates leaves with a free 12-by-18 inch print of one image taken while we explore compositional challenges.

I live near Joshua Tree National Park, and provide training in the field near my home.

Use your own camera, take a number of shots, one of which we will use when we return to my home and process from a RAW image to a finished print.

Get an introduction to software that can produce great images

You will receive counsel in the workings of Photoshop, Viveza Nik Software, and Black and White photography. We cover a lot of ground, but I believe you will leave a more confidant and skilled photographer.


  • Private lesson for one — $300 for five hours training. 
  • Private lesson for two — $400 for five hours training.
Limit two photographers per class.
Learn more about photography, the use of your camera, and techniques that will help you produce quality images, valuable to both yourself and others.

Sample Image captured by Dave Hooper of Arizona

During a lesson on composition, Dave captured the image below.


You too can capture great images

Contact me to schedule a class:   Call:  760-401-2166 or 760-366-0243.

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