Glacier National Park and Nik Software

Never throw away old Raw files

A friend, Frank Peele, told me this maxim several years ago. His reasoning: software is always changing, improving, and can take images captured years ago and give you a knew way to look at them, edit them, make them better, or give you a new presentation.

All of the images in this gallery were taken during a trip to Glacier National Park, in 2009. We were on the east side of the Rocky’s, north, toward the Canadian border. Many of them were taken at the St. Mary’s entrance near the Glacier Inn. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

The Nik Color Effects Pro and some 55 filters contained within the program gave me a new way to bring out feelings experienced when the images were taken, but unable to express until four years later. That’s a long wait.

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