Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Desert Queen Ranch

The images shown here are for the purpose of providing those who participated in the Desert Institute tour of the Desert Queen Ranch just how interpretative is the art of photography. These images are my look; yours can only be expected to be different. They should be. They must be.

These images demonstrate my use of Nik software and Photoshop as discussed during our time together. Other software products for post processing can yield different results. I spoke of these two post processing software programs, and the results below demonstrate their interpretative application.

I truly hope this helps all the wonderful folks who visited the ranch today.

_DSF0013Keys Landmark etching _DSF0005 Windmill _DSF0010 Pattern _DSF0012 hindge _DSF0018 Maytag _DSF0026 Vintage glass _DSF0028 Vintage plymouth _DSF0024 Vintage car vintage look _DSF0022 Old car

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