Photo by Stuart Walmsley

Photo by Stuart Walmsley

Jim Smart

My interest in photography spans more than 55 years.

I developed an interest in photography when I took a high school course and made a pinhole camera, shot with a Speed Graflex, and took surfing photographs in Hermosa Beach with a 35mm Pentax. Since then I have traveled throughout the western United States and used Leicas, Hasselblads, a Mamiya 7 medium format film camera and used many of the film Canon cameras made since the 1970’s. I now shoot with Fujifilm X series digital cameras, the X-Pro1 and Ex-1. These cameras are light, and produce outstanding results, near film-like images. And you can use some of the old film camera lenses, like the Minolta 58mm lens, from the 1950’s on the camera, a lens that produces amazing results. 

You can read a recent article and see some samples of my work by going here: http://desertlightmagazine.mojaveair.org.
Some images on this site were taken in the Mojave National Preserve where I recently was an artist in residence.  I have had about half a dozen shows in Santa Ana and Hollywood,  at the 29 Palms City Hall, in the main hall of the Joshua Tree Inn, and in a private gallery in the city.

I have studied under one of the premier photography teachers, Bob Killen, and highly recommend him for serious students of the art and Photoshop. He is a certified Adobe expert in the use of many of their programs. He teaches in Hollywood and Santa Ana. bobkillen.com

Academic activities

I recently retired after a dozen years teaching university courses in Communication Studies and English, including basic and college-level English courses, journalism and journalistic photography, online journalism, writing for the media and PR, public speaking, interpersonal communications, rhetoric, the reporting of public affairs and investigative journalism.  I was the adviser to the CSUSB university student newspaper, teaching editors journalistic procedures, photography, editing, and headline writing.

I also conducted seminars for public relations officials and foreign public information/press officials, provide counsel for executives and public officials regarding public relations issues and challenges.  I have managed a media relation’s staff and department and worked for nearly 20 years as the head of media relations for the LACMTA and one of its predecessor agencies, managing a staff of professionals during construction of the first phases of the modern Los Angeles rail system. As part of a team, we raised $3 billion for the Los Angeles project.


I also have worked as a daily newspaper reporter, a deputy Los Angeles County probation officer and I have written articles on photography published by Cerisepress.com. In addition, I teach basic photographic workshops, focusing on skills of proper exposure, elimination of camera shake, composition, focal length, and the maximization of proper shutter speed to achieve quality images. I have instructed small groups on location in lens selection and basic composition and provided instruction in CS6 Photoshop workflow. I work as a fine art and portrait photographer, operating independent business. I own and use medium format, and 35-mm digital cameras.

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